You Come Along

“Aliens walk among us. They live next door. And apparently, they’ve been in charge of the Packers for the last 27 years.”

– From the liner notes of Flyover Land

There was a full moon,
Big orange ball on the horizon.
The frost was sneakin’ up on
The pumpkins and the dogs was restless.
Out in the front room,
The rats gettin’ off on the poison,
They was whisperin’ something’
‘Bout how they could no longer protect us.

And then you come along
And you answered up all of my questions.
You come along and you
Stripped away all my protection.

Out in the tall corn,
There was a flash and a crash
And a landing.
Me and an off-duty cop,
We took off out on route 69.
I laid on my horn,
Come a bright light and then
I was standing in the back of
The all night truck stop
With an off-duty cop who was dyin’.

And then you come along
And you stripped away all my protection.
Then you come along and you
Opened me up to suggestion.

Flew to New Mexico,
Took to lookin’ for home base.
Ate a plate of mashed potatoes and said,
“Man, I’m fulla all of this stuff.
I’m just a home boy, you know,
There’s nothin’ written on my face.
I never asked for the probe or the strobe,
I believe I’ve had enough.”

And then you come along
And you opened me up to suggestion.
Then you come along,
I’m in need of some private detection.

Inside of me — outa sight —
There is a definite answer.
There is a blue-printed plan
And a man who’s in charge of production.
Beneath the big sky at night,
I’m just a piece of the answer.
I’m just a lightnin’ rod of a man,
Waitin’ for some instruction.

And then you come along.
And then you come along.

“You Come Along” appears on Perfect Nude and Flyover Land.

© and ℗ 1994, 1995 Marques Bovre