Worth Waiting For

“Just another song about stumbling around in the dark and tripping over an epiphany.”

– From the liner notes of Angels, Bones & Clocks

There’s somethin’ in the dying light
Standin’ in the shadows wake.
I’m grateful for the loss of my sight,
‘Cause there’s a faithful leap that I must make.
But there’s somethin’ on the other side
That can cut through all my greasy pride.
Where there’s emptiness in my inside
I believe that you will still fill me up now.

There are things worth waiting for
And it feels like one of those.
I been standin’ at this door,
How long God only knows.
I been in and out of love
With or without my clothes.
There are things worth waiting for
And it feels like one of those.

There’s something in the dyin’ coals,
Like the fate of some great distant star.
Like the way I sift through my own soul
For any clue to who or what you are.
And then I toss a splash of fossil fuel.
Singe the edges of your pretty fool.
It’s nothin’ like they taught in sunday school
But it’s clearly cool and you’ll no doubt forgive me.

repeat chorus

Somewhere in the dying note,
In the slow decay of melody.
There’s a sadness without antidote
And a clarity that’s haunting me.
But there’s somethin’ in the guiding light
Of your heaven full of stars tonight.
Makes me feel that with the end in sight
I been chasin’ the right white light of slumber.

repeat chorus


“Worth Waiting For” appears on Angels, Bones & Clocks.

© and ℗ 2000 Marques Bovre