Walk Like Her Mama

Her daddy traveled through the land
In a rock ‘n’ roll band —
She was an orphan to the rhythm and blues.
Her mama turned tricks
In a trailer in the sticks,
Conducting Sea Cruise interviews.

Her only friend
Was a Fender Stratocaster —
Knew the pain she’d been keepin’ hid.
She walked like her mama
But she rocked like her daddy-o did.

She found some birds in a band
Worth a dozen in the hand —
She taught ’em how to cook with midnight oil.
They played in dive after dive,
Just tryin’ to keep themselves alive,
‘Til they met a Mr. Dennis Doyle.

They cut some tracks,
Denny put ’em on some wax
And sold ’em all to a slicker named Sid.
She walks like her mama,
But rocks like her Daddy-o did.

They got a number one song
And the tour is goin’ strong —
She’s got her picture on the Rolling Stone.
She’s got a Porsche — it’s a beaut,
She’s got a trunk fulla toot.
She’s got a pool by the telephone.

She’s playin’ hard and fast
And singin’ all about her past.
Now she’s singin to the highest bid.
Tryin’ to walk like her mama,
While she rocks like her Daddy-o did.


“Walk Like Her Mama” appears on Medicine.

Note: this song is about Johnny B. Goode’s daughter.

© & ℗ 1990 by Marques Bovre