Urban Moore

“This is a song I wrote about somebody from the generation of the depression and World War II and all that good stuff who wrote, in his later years, letters to the editor. Cranky letters to the editor.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 12 Aug 2005

And his name was Urban Moore
He helped win the last World War.
He used to speak his mind,
In the Sunday times,
In crank letters to the Editor.

He was a Great Depression boy
Worked a steady job – he never had no toys.
He wore patched-up britches,
Ate lard sandwiches,
In the mill where he was employed.

repeat chorus

He later worked in a factory,
Makin’ weiners, olive loaf and bologna.
He married Eleanor,
They made seven little Moores,
Who never knew the meaning of the word hungry.

repeat chorus

He hated: Fluoridated water and
A lack of law and order; The ACLU and
The U.N. too. He hated Japanese cars
And FDR.
He wrote letters to the editor for me and you.

repeat chorus

Well I met him on the Op-Ed page.
As he was venting all his righteous rage.
Now I read he pushed on
To the great beyond.
And he was buried with his twenty gauge.

repeat chorus


“Urban Moore” appears on Angels, Bones and Clocks.

© and ℗ 2000 Marques Bovre