27 Years

I just want to travel such a long way from here.
Don’t want to know nobody there.
Just want to fall asleep for 27 years.
And maybe wake up in a different atmosphere.

There ain’t nothin’ here that’s any good to me.
And I ain’t no good to anybody here.
And when I’m travellin’ so far away it’s so clear.
Just want to fall asleep for 27 years.

Well I’ve been wide awake for 28 or more.
I’ve soaked it all up and man I never spilled a drop.
But now I’ve sprung a leak it’s fallin’ on the floor.
I’d better get some sleep or get myself a mop.

You say she’s gone but man I couldn’t give a damn.
I’ve seen her kind before, a dozen for a dime.
It might be cold but man that’s just the way I am.
And I’ll forget her in a little bit of time.

I kinda wish that she’d just up and disappear.
Her and whoever is doin’ her these days.
And I could fall asleep for 27 years,
Just wanna to fall asleep and leave it where it lays.

repeat chorus

And when I’m 55 it’s gonna be a dream,
Just me and somebody and 27 kids.
And when I’m 55 it’s gonna be a scream,
Tell ’em all about the crazy things I did.

How me and her went and took a little cruise.
And how we took a road so far away from here.
And how she took the wheel and let me take a snooze.
And how I fell asleep for 27 years.

repeat chorus


“27 Years” appears on Big Strong House.

© and ℗ 1992 Marques Bovre