Speed of Life

“This is for Terese (the woman to whom I am married). Without her love and support, I’d be lost. With her, the last three years of my life have been the best.”

– From the liner notes of Flyover Land


Well we live in a little apartment,
But it’s bigger than one we come from.
We get a little closer every day.
To the big life that we dream about,
And scheme about, ain’t no doubt,
It’s a slippery slope,
But we’re goin’ the gritty way.

And ain’t we the lucky ones?
Just a husband and a wife.
Tryin’ to hold on to all the little things.
Travellin’ at the speed of life.
Travellin’ at the speed of life.

Seems every time we get a little ahead,
We get a little headache and then we’re in the red.
Then we start to sweat
And we have a little fight.
And there ain’t no peace and there ain’t no rest—
First we’re toe to toe then we’re chest to chest.
Then we hold each other just to hang on
thru the night.

repeat chorus

Well I dream of tiny footsteps,
When I’m on the road with an empty load.
And you’re home alone in a half-abandoned bed.
But the road will end and the sun will shine-
It’s a dream of yours, it’s a dream of mine.
We can hold on to all the little things ahead.

repeat chorus


“Speed of Life” appears on Perfect Nude, Flyover Land and Live at the Pres House.

© and ℗ 1994, 1995, 2001 Marques Bovre