Song to Me

To give my voice a house to haunt.
To be transparent as I want.
Make cry the diamond debutant.
That’s a song to me.
To leave these little clues behind,
I’ve mined from deep within my mind.
To pull myself out of the grind.
That’s a song to me.

When I find myself seeing more than I am.
When I find myself giving more than a damn.
When I find myself,
That’s a song.

The rhythm counts in ancient time.
The angel melody sublime
Paints me a mystery in rhyme.
And that’s a song to me.
When I was young and in my green,
It taught me how to vent my spleen.
Then it helped me live through seventeen.
That’s a song to me.

repeat chorus

I sit and watch the river flow,
Surrender to the undertow.
Steaming obsidian and snow.
That’s a song to me.
My heart may be this frozen thing,
But dead of wintertime can bring
These hopes of rising into Spring.
That’s a song to me.

repeat chorus


“Song to Me” appears on Yarn: The Great Unravelling and New Guitar.

© & ℗ 2003, 2006 by Marques Bovre