Show Some Mercy

Show some mercy baby.
You look strong enough to save me.
The sun’s a-hangin’ low and hazy.
My heart’s a-beatin’ sad and lazy.
I’m dumb and blind,
In your control,
So ease my mind,
And bless my soul,
And show some mercy baby.

They tell me I was born in Kansas –
That’s what my file at city hall says.
Son of an oilman up from Natchez.
I can remember him in patches.
But bit by bit the picture’s gone,
And life sees fit to find me on,
This dirty road in Kansas.

repeat chorus

I split some joker’s skull in Redwing,
For crackin’ jokes about my earring.
I found two years to learn the six-string.
I got my walkin’ papers last Spring.
So two years dead and in the cage,
To cool my head and foot the wage,
For jokes they tell in Redwing.

repeat chorus

There aint no time of day like midnight,
To make a certain sin seem alright,
When eyes go dancin’ in the moonlight,
And hearts go walkin’ out in plain sight.
I taste redemption in your sweat,
Salvation and a cigarette.
And mother mercy midnight.

repeat chorus


“Show Some Mercy” appears on Don’t Be Afraid.

© and ℗ 1989 Marques Bovre