Remember Me

“This is a song I wrote mostly ’cause I wanted a place to put the word jalopy. I love the word jalopy and feel it’s, really, an underutilized American idiom type word. So, look for the jalopy and raise your hand. The first person to hear jalopy – raise your hand. You’ll look really goofy.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 12 Aug 2005

When you left me by the side of the road,
Dear God, my life was a broken down jalopy.
My triple A card was on double overload,
You got lost, and I got sloppy.
Steam pourin’ out of a rusty hood
On a lost highway.
Philco radio singin’ nah, nah, hey, hey goodbye.

Remember me?
Remember me?
I was the poster boy for lonely
When you set me so free.
You set me free.
It was c’est la vie.
I wanna know do you remember me?

From the passion in the chorus of an Orbison tune,
To the smokin’ heat of a backseat barbeque.
Never caught an even break,
I never sucked a silver spoon.
But I felt like the King of Spain everytime that I held you.
Do you think of these things when you make love to your vice president?
Do I have a face, is there still a space,
To consider what love meant?

repeat chorus

Thought I lost it
All those years ago in a dead skid.
But it burns these days,
Like a hot summer haze,
Just the way that it did.

Never could pronounce your favorite book.
Never stuck my foot off
The edge of this little world.
Never had the brains and I no longer have the looks.
Still got the heart, but it belongs to a little girl.
I don’t kid myself when I think of you,
It’s just curiosity.
I spent all these years not shaking you,
Do you even remember me?

repeat chorus


“Remember Me” appears on C’est la Vie.

© and ℗ 1992 Marques Bovre