Outa My Mind

“Adam Ant taught me the chords, I wrote the words. It’s a long story for a short song.”

– From the liner notes for Flyover Land

There’s somethin’ in your eyes this mornin’.
I can see it isn’t stars.
There’s something you’ve been tryin’ to tell me,
I’ve been close with no cigars.
I tell you I been workin’ on it.
You tell me we’ve been livin’ on the poverty line.

And I’m outa my mind,
In love with you.
I’m outa my mind.
I’m outa my mind-
My body hasn’t a clue.
I’m outa my mind.

There’s somethin’ in those bags you’re packin’,
And I guess it ain’t regret.
There’s somethin’ tickin’, Keeps you movin’,
And I sure ain’t touched it yet.
You say you blame all the boys before me,
I tell you I could make you forget them in time.

repeat chorus

There’s something in your eyes this mornin’,
That I ain’t seen before.
It’s somethin’ like a force of nature,
And it strips me to the core.
You kid yourself sayin’ nothing’s sacred.
Don’t fool yourself,
you’re takin’ somethin’ of mine.

repeat chorus


“Outa My Mind” appears on Flyover Land.

© and ℗ 1995 Marques Bovre