One Beautiful Day

“Dedicated to my songwriting partner, Steve the Angel.”

– From the liner notes of Angels, Bones & Clocks

I got an angel, his name is Steve.
He’s kind and gentle
And he’s watchin’ over me (thanks Steve).
He’s been my angel, since I was young.
He wrote the words to every song
I ever sung (including this one).

One beautiful day
They’ll take us away,
Way over the stars.
One beautiful day
We’re gonna be where
The angels are.

He saved my life so many times.
He brings me laughter every time
I’d lose my mind (he’s such an angel).
It isn’t easy livin’ a life.
But there are angels floatin’
Up above the strife (fly angel, fly).

repeat chorus

You’re not alone, you’re not unloved —
You got an angel and he’s
Hovering above you (someone to love you).
The day you’re born until you die,
Your angels’ watching you from
Way up in the sky (fly angel, fly).

repeat chorus

I believe. Believe in Steve.
I believe that Steve believes
In little mortal me (thanks Steve).
I’ve got a soul — I’m passin’ through.
I got a soul, I’m passin’ through
And so are you (yoo-hoo).

One beautiful day, they’ll take us away,
Way over the stars.
One beautiful day, we’ll be up and away,
Up where the angels are.
One beautiful day, we’ll be dancin’ so gay,
Every boy and every girl (and every angel).
One beautiful day, we’ll be leavin’ to stay,
This old miserable world.
One beautiful day, hey, hey, hey, hey (hey, hey, hey, hey).


“One Beautiful Day” appears on Angels, Bones & Clocks.

© and ℗ 2000 Marques Bovre