Perfect Nude

I wrote this to put a face on that feeling I get when I wake up in the dark asking not ‘where am I?’ but ‘what am I?'”

-From the liner notes of Flyover Land

“Here’s a song with some nudity in it so any of the underage crowd will be asked to avert their eyes and ears.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 12 Aug 2005


I’ve been living on the planet earth
I’ve been willing to work for food.
I have labored long beneath the sun
And the premise that God is good.
I could bring this news in another life,
But it seems so perfectly brewed;
I’m a naked man on a skeleton,
Trying to paint the perfect nude.

When I was just a seed of the Universe,
In the great galactic womb,
I was nothing more than everything
In the glimmering eye of the groom.
Now I try to find some summary,
For the dust that’s in my broom.
I’m a naked man on a skeleton,
With these angels right here in my room.

I been hungry.
I been homesick.
I been howling at the moon.
I been rearranged and my heart
Has been changed,
Just from running the risk
Of my ruin.
I’m a naked man –
Just an alien,
I’ll be breaking through someday soon.

In a cornfield in New Mexico,
Far beneath the cobalt blue;
You can hear it stir like a whispered prayer
And its more than a mouthful to chew.
I just like to open up myself,
And laugh as it passes on through.
I’m a naked man on a skeleton,
And I’m saving this message for you.

When the flesh is good,
It’s epiphany —
But it’s so often misunderstood.
When it all goes south to pornography —
It’s goodbye old, sweet neighborhood.
But it’s all right there inside of your heart,
When you choose between poison and food
For the naked man on the skeleton,
Trying to paint the perfect nude.

repeat chorus


“Perfect Nude” appears on Perfect Nude, Flyover Land and The Medicine Tribute.

© and ℗ 1994, 1995, 2012 Marques Bovre