Nothin’ But Bones

“A good old-fashioned dirge in D minor. That line about cannons loosening bodies and impressing the opposite gender says everything about my philosophy on love and death. Just call me sunshine.”

– From the liner notes of Angels, Bones & Clocks

The Muddy Old Lady is raging today.
She foams as I sit and I stare.
The levee is choked with the spring time debris.
And I’m thinking it’s raining just everywhere.

As lovers we put down some smoke on the water,
The Old Captain’s daughter and I.
I been haunted since she walked right down to New Orleans,
Where a person can’t bury the dead when they die.

Someday, Someday,
When the river has caught up to you.
Someday, Someday,
When the waters recede and the morning is new
And you see what you’ve left there behind you.
All these traces of love to remind you,
Nothin’ but bones.
Nothin’ but bones.

The Old Captain lets go his cannon a round
And he stands on the banks and remembers.
Says it loosens the bodies that cling to the bottom
And impresses the opposite gender.

repeat chorus


“Nothin’ But Bones” appears on Angels, Bones & Clocks.

© and ℗ 2000 Marques Bovre