New Guitar

I’ve got a new, a new wood guitar.
Now I’ve got two pretty good guitars.
Steel, wood and glue and a shooting star,
In my new guitar.

One is tuned to DADGAD
And one is tuned just plain.
There’s one to sing God’s holy name
And one takes it all in vain.
‘Til there ain’t no pain.
There’s just my new guitar.

repeat chorus

I never had two good guitars
At once in my whole life.
I one time had one good guitar
And one mediocre fife.
Now I’m living the good life,
With my new guitar.

repeat chorus

My new guitar’s voluptuous,
She’s pretty, brave and smart.
The sound hole holds the soul
Of old Amelia Earhart.
Amelia Earhart in my new guitar.

repeat chorus


“New Guitar” appears on New Guitar.

© & ℗ 2006 by Marques Bovre