More Than a Woman

Take a grand total of all the things
That make up a man.
Throw in fifty cents –
You could buy a cup of coffee.
There is no scale upon this earth
Can measure what my life is worth.
You can throw out the bathwater –
I’m holdin’ on to my baby.

I’m more than a man
She’s more than a woman to me.
I’m more than a man
She’s more than a woman to me.

Now when my body’s achin’
And I can’t do the things that I could.
She earns the daily bread
And she brings it home to me.
She does not make me beg or plead,
She sweetly fills my every need.
She makes me feel whole –
She makes me feel Holy.

repeat chorus

I lived in the desert,
An oasis shimmered in front of me.
I lived on bread and water –
Still I was living in gluttony.
I lived for the moment
And decades were falling all over me.
Now I live for this woman,
I tell you she’s more than a woman to me.
She’s more than a woman to me.

Well I used to think forever
Was such a long time coming down
When I lived by the measure
Of nights spent in my room lonely.
But eternity took on a face and it’s clear
That my eternity’s spent where there’s somebody dear.
She gives me reason to sing
Every day that she’s near me.

repeat chorus


“More Than a Woman” appears on Perfect Nude.

© and ℗ 1994 Marques Bovre