I’ve been living and so I’ve been dying,
I rub two minutes together until they’re smoking for me.
Trying to build a bonfire in the middle of this mystery.
I wet my feet here in the safety of the shallows,
All while trying to pretend I’m living dangerously.
Then I feel you pulling me into the channel of this mystery.

Telescopes and microscopes and Scopes v Tennessee.
Trying to blow the lid right off of every earthly mystery.
And though we burn it down and we boil it down,
There is still this mystery of you in me.
You in Me.

So many brothers and sisters in Jesus
Feel this fundamental need to read it literally.
They’ve been calling doubters “demons” all their God-fearing history.
Yet, when Jesus lifted his ears up to Heaven,
It seemed like he was every bit as deaf as you or me.
And as he hung there dying it was all still a mystery.

repeat chorus

I got so jaded after slaying my dragons,
Then my children dug them up and brought them back from Honah Lee.
Now I lay me down to sleeping at the foot of old Mount Mystery.
I am living and so I am dying,
Tryin’ to listen’ to a voice that whispers deep inside of me.
Movin’ all my stardust through the open-ended mystery.
Movin’ all my stardust through the open-ended mystery.

repeat chorus


“Mystery” appears on Nashville Dandelion and Pure Marques (A Songwriter’s Demo).

© and ℗ 2003, 2012 Marques Bovre