My Dog Loves Me

You can say that I’m bad company,
Been the cause of all your misery.
But no matter what my personal history,
My dog loves me.

It was more than thirty-four dog years ago,
When I bailed him out of death row.
Just one of a million faces that he did not know.
I said, “Hello, hello.”
Now my dog loves me.

“Cause when I come home through the doorway,
He is always there to greet me.
I got death and taxes, I got bills to pay.
(That’s okay) My dog loves me.

When I stand in line I’m bound to lose my place.
I’m bound to hit the wall in this whole human race.
He just walks right in the room and then he licks my face.
My dog loves me.

repeat chorus

When I’m dead and when I’m in my grave,
I pray dear Lord that my poor soul you’ll save.
And if I promise that I’ll feed him and that he will behave,
May my dog love me through eternity?

repeat chorus


“My Dog Loves Me” appears on Faith is a Muscle.

© and ℗ 1998 Marques Bovre