Modern Man

“I guess the crux of this song is that lives of faith and intellectual pursuits cannot be viewed as mutually exclusive if we are to survive the next millennium.”

– From the liner notes of Angels, Bones & Clocks


Take these old bones from my body,
Bring me something shiny new.
They only hold me up,
They mean next to nothing to me,
All the strength of my foundation
Comes from you.

I try not to be sentimental,
As I become this modern man.
Such pieces of humanity
Are purely ornamental.
They can’t hold up to
These modern day demands.

So let me be a shining beacon.
A witness to the master plan.
Please let me be a synth of science
And Divine Creation
As a picture of the perfect Modern Man.

Well I was born to imperfection,
Yet felt this hunger to improve.
To walk on faith and rise
Above incurable infection then
To spiral up to heaven groove by groove.

This is the age of proven miracles,
Where scientific method is Divine.
Since mercy is illogical it’s purely
Such weaknesses must wither on the vine.

repeat chorus

I pray the angels change my thinking,
And turn what’s certain upside down.
That one day they might float on down
And help me cease my blinking,
With the gentle words that never break a sound.

Replacing accidents with miracles.
Retooling all the thunder in the sky.
They’ll redesign the software
In the silicon and spiritual
In movements of the master’s lullaby.

repeat chorus


“Modern Man” appears on Angels, Bones & Clocks.

© and ℗ 2000 Marques Bovre