Melvin’s Gone to Heaven

Over there, in the empty chair, in the middle of the air,
Copenhagen on his chin.
Sitting there under pomade hair, not a solitary care,
With a smile so rare it’s like a lottery grin.

Melvin’s gone to Heaven.
He left yesterday.
Heaven had a vacancy.
He filled it right away.

Melvin had a very powerful thirst, having seen the very worst
Of what a life can bring.
He drank his drink and he cursed his curse.
Every February 1st he’d walk seventeen blocks to pawn his wedding ring.

repeat chorus

Melvin Powell spent the best 728 of the craziest days of his life,
A dangerous man in a beautiful land.
With money in his hands, he bought a golden wedding band
And then he took a little wife.

repeat chorus

Yesterday was the very first day that Melvin
Was away from his favorite post.
Yesterday was the very first day of his after life
With his Vietnamese wife and his heavenly host.

repeat chorus


“Melvin’s Gone to Heaven” appears on Yarn: The Great Unravelling.

© and ℗ 2003 Marques Bovre