“This is a little song, if you know it, you can sing along. I think I wrote it in Devil’s Lake State Park. I wrote this song there in nineteen hundred and eighty-eight.”

– Introduction from a performance on 17 Jun 2012

Sometimes sunshine is the only kinda medicine.
Somedays the warm ray’s
The only thing there is that’s gonna save your life.
I got a chill in my bones
And it won’t leave me alone –
I need some medicine.
And I’ll take sunshine over moonshine –
I will take my life over an afterlife right now.

I need some medicine –
I need sobriety.
I need some medicine –
Deep down inside of me.
I need some medicine –
I gotta get in harmony.
I need some meditation medication.

It gets my spirit uptight
Beneath the artificial light –
I need some vitamin D.
I’m gonna get a little primordial,
Layin’ like a lizard in the Great God Ra (rah-rah).
I need the circle of the sun,
Four corners has me all undone –
I never understood,
How when you try and make a living,
You must sacrifice your life to sad fluorescence.

repeat chorus

Sometimes laughter is the only kinda medicine
I ever use.
Sometimes I get myself a megadose
And fall into the gutter.
It was a giggling God that made my spirit
And my body –
I am serving He and She.
Yes, there is a laughter ever after,
With a punchline coiling up around the bend.

repeat chorus


“Medicine” appears on Medicine and The Medicine Tribute.

© & ℗ 1990, 2012  Marques Bovre