Make My World

“Just a little pop ditty about the end of life as we know it and the dawn of the next age.”

-From the liner notes of Flyover Land

When the world gets small
And I can’t see the foot before my face,
Draw me out and let me roam
Wide open spaces.
When I start to fall into that pit
Of haunted melodies,
Pull me out and put my future
Out there in front of me.

Make my world your world —
I’m on my knees.
Make my world your world forever.
Take this world, this world
Away from me.
Take the weight from off my head
And set me free.

And if I should die tomorrow,
Would the world remember me?
And would the worms beneath the trees
Treat me respectfully?
When I listen to my still, small voice,
It pulls me from the dust.
And when I sing my song,
It helps me dream of justice.

repeat chorus

There’s a song inside my head today —
It will not let me be.
And when I let it out,
I know it does not come from me.
On the other side of everything,
I will meet the one who writes.
And when I think about that day,
It does not frighten me.

repeat chorus


“Make My World” appears on Perfect Nude and Flyover Land.

© and ℗ 1994, 1995 Marques Bovre