Looking Glass

Fool me once – shame on you.
Fool me twice, it aint nothin’ new.
But these trials you put me through,
Leave me starin’ at an empty pool.

Conscience comes and conscience goes.
You’re always there when my weakness shows.
Make me swing at my shadow foes.
Then I’m lookin’ up at my dirty toes.

I been framed by the looking glass.
I been shamed, I been shamed.
I been framed by the looking glass.
Stung by an overconfidence game.

It’s right there in your hazel eyes,
You been tellin’ me some beautiful lies.
Right up my alley, just my size.
Say “Hey, you’re different than those other guys.”

repeat chorus

I loved you since the day we met.
We were young, we hadn’t fallen yet.
When we got old, the stage was set.
When I took your word it was a sucker bet.

repeat chorus


“Looking Glass” appears on C’est la Vie and Live at the Pres House.

© and ℗ 1997, 2001 Marques Bovre