Jesus Was a Soldier

“As a symbol, Jesus represents the inner battles that I face. I often played ‘Quinn the Eskimo’ right after this tune when I played solo. Two different views of the Messiah’s second coming.”

-From the interview article “Payola Blues” by Billy Wawsaw in April 1991

Jesus was a soldier –
He was an army.
His sword was Truth
And Love was his artillery.
And they slew his mortal flesh
That day in Calvary.
But the part they could not kill
Still lives inside of me.

Many are the days that I have
Sought in vain,
To find some refuge from
The deluge driving rain.
Yet just as my bones feel
They cannot stand the pain,
They’re soaked in sunshine –
Feeling like I’m born again.

I can see the time –
It’s not so far away,
When a child shall lead us all,
Unto a better way.
And until that day,
I can’t be talked or led astray.
I got far too much to lose here,
Come that judgement day.

repeat chorus

Jesus on the mount said,
“Bless the Peacemakers.”
And evermore their sweet salvation
He assures.
Now I am only one,
But there are millions more.
Peacemakers just trying,
To get to heavens door.

All these men and women,
Preaching from some pedestal –
Confusing what is sacred,
For what’s political.
I gotta wonder what makes them think
That they can stand so tall,
When such high and mighty,
Might not hear their master call.

repeat chorus


“Jesus Was a Soldier” appears on Medicine.

© & ℗ 1990 by Marques Bovre