“Got a little astrological love song coming up here called Jennifer Your Jupiter is Raining on My Venus.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 23 June 1988

Never liked my women
All corners and edges.
I’ll take a woman with some meat,
Any day of the week.
It’s them sharp women,
Lord, they just lead you to ledges.
And the edge of that seat’s
Leadin’ straight to the street.

Jenny said that any man,
Can fall in foolish love.
I aint about to jump –
Just need a push to meet my shove.
I need a woman.
A woman.

Fine ladies – you can have ’em,
They just serve to make me nervous.
They’re all silver screen magazine,
And Maybeline.
I need a girl who’s seen the world,
Maybe wants a little service.
I’ll be her man if she’s got the means,
And I’ll keep it clean.

Jenny said that love is dead,
But still my heart must beat.
I could never buy that lie –
Just picked my guts off of the street.
I need a woman.
A woman.

Jennifer your Jupiter,
Is raining on my Venus.
I swear to God,
You were pullin’ for,
Those stars that came between us.
And you’re so cold out there,
Where no man’s ever gone before.
You need a man.
You need a man.

A pound of flesh, a pint of blood,
And the gentle breath of livin’.
My God, what have you done?
You gone and made another one.
But I won’t squawk – I’ll gladly walk,
Any road that she has driven.
I’ll write the note and I’ll load the gun,
‘Cause it’s all in fun.

In Jenny’s mind it was all a crime,
Whose time we could not serve.
But her blue laws were made for breakin’,
Maybe this one’s got the nerve.
I need a woman.
A woman.


“Jennifer” appears on Living and Dying in the Coffee Generation, Live at the Pres House and The Soul You Save.

Note: the original title of this song was “Jennifer (Your Jupiter Is Raining On My Venus).”

© and ℗ 1988, 2001, 2012 Marques Bovre