“This is a song we wrote for our old sound person and compadre and den mother, Sara Hoffman. We would drive on the way to Milwaukee and there was a Sullivan/Ixonia exit and she always commented how she’d like to change her name to Ixonia someday.”

-From an interview, circa late 1996

Ixonia Sullivan come to town,
When the boys in scout troop twelve
Were down to their last hurrah,
They were feelin’ kinda raw,
Feelin’ kinda mean.
Ixonia said, “Stand at attention boys,
Gonna have a little fun,
Make a little noise.
I’m a good den mother and a bad den mother
And a lover of the scene.”

Ixonia, Ixonia,
You’re walking in my sleep.
Ixonia, Ixonia,
I feel like such a creep when you’re away.

She wasn’t no phase and she wasn’t no fad,
Was the best den mother that a boy ever had.
And whatever the time, she would take the time
Just to be with you.
She put a little smoke in a young boy’s dream,
With her fancy french knots, her busted out seams.
Then she took it all away
And moved it all away up to Kalamazoo.

repeat chorus

Linus and Doug sit and pine all day,
Since Ixonia Sullivan walked away.
Eric sits and stares in his underwear,
Playin’ video games.
We used to be such a whiz bang troop,
Now we’re sittin’ in the middle of our own pea soup.
Ixonia, Ixonia,
We’ll never be the same.

repeat chorus


“Ixonia” appears on C’est la Vie.

© 1997 Marques Bovre/Brian Bauhs