If There Be Mercy

Stand and be counted,
Time is no longer an ally to you.
Smoke on the horizon,
And if there be mercy, it’s hidden from view.
Stand and be counted,
As pilgrims out wandering, searching for clues.
We’re all headed for someplace else,
And that’s all that we know to be true.

And the road is rocky,
And it does get lonesome,
But friends shall greet you,
As you’re finally headed home.
Tho foolish laughter all but surrounds you,
Stay true to that still, small voice,
And the feelin’ in your bones.

Fall and be humble,
Humility may be the last chance at hand.
Tear down your mansion high,
It’s been built upon mountains of sand.
Fall and be humble,
Fall down to your knees that you might understand.
Pray the way I pray everyday,
“Please don’t let me die the way that I am.”

repeat chorus

You been taught to be stupid,
Been brought up believing how cheap life becomes.
But there’s a smut on the crop in your field,
And all your oracles are stricken down dumb.
You been taught to be stupid,
By trivial people all white noise and numb.
Go get right with that truth in your heart,
Do it now by the roll of the drum.

repeat chorus

Love your brothers and sisters,
Love allies and enemies all of the same.
It boils down to simplicity,
If we ain’t a family we go down in flames.
Love your brothers and sisters,
‘Stead of drawing the bead and casting the blame.
‘Cause when you love then you live in the light,
And you sing for the name of all names.

repeat chorus


“If There Be Mercy” appears on Big Strong House and The Medicine Tribute.

© and ℗ 1992, 2012 Marques Bovre