You shoulda seen me– you woulda liked me.
You shoulda met me when I was born.
I was a miracle–the center of the universe,
Long before the fabric of the universe was torn.

And I was an accident.
Seemed like the world wasn’t ready for me.
But I wasn’t waitin’ for an invitation,
I stalked my purpose relentlessly.

Well I was clay, and then I got harder,
Felt the hand and then felt the flame.
And the head did surely clear my lungs,
And that is how I learned God’s name.

And I guess that’s nothin’ special
That’s just life, both yours and mine.
And still I feel this other level,
It’s always more than bread and wine.

I was always haunted by the ghost of electricity
Until I found a decent use.
And I still don’t trust it – mark my words –
I’ll be the first to run when the devil gets loose.

And I’ll run straight to my pretty little baby;
She can make good sense of me.
Without her love they might have found me,
Hanging from some poet tree.

Well I been blessed, I don’t die easy.
I heal fast and I soon forget.
And I been cursed with a huge subconscience,
Humming songs I don’t know yet.

And I will sing for my friends and my family,
I do not do this to beguile.
I sometimes scream just like a mad man,
And that is how I keep my smile.

“I” appears on Ghost Stories from Lonesome County and Live at the Pres House.

© and ℗ 1994, 2001 Marques Bovre