I Like Gyrls (Who Like Gyrls)

“See, this is a song, I mean, I could go a lotta different ways tryin’ to explain it to you but the title kind of says it all. It’s ‘I Like Girls Who Like Girls.’ And I do, you know, I’m not just sayin’ that. They’re gonna have a special thing on Phil Donahue for me: ‘Men who like girls, who like girls.'”

-Introduction from a live performance on 29 Jun 1991

“This is a little singalong number so if any of you know it you can singalong and if you don’t you can probably fake it. Might get on somebody’s nerves but it’d be alright with us – we can’t hear ya.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 5 Sep 1995

Well Wendy likes boys,
But she likes girls better.
And way deep down in my heart,
I think I knew that,
When I met her.
But I couldn’t help myself,
It’s just a thing I’ll never change.
Them women always trip my trigger,
Man I know it sounds strange.

I like girls who like girls,
I always have and I always will,
I like ’em strong and independent,
They don’t mind pickin’ up the bill.
Well I like girls who like girls,
My sorry heart cannot be still.
I like girls who like girls.

I guess it started with the drummer,
In my very first band.
She made me ache just like a woman,
When she walked just like a man.
She said it wasn’t nothin’ personal,
But she could never want me.
I had too much equipment.
That’s always gonna haunt me.

repeat chorus

Well it’s a twisted little world,
And we all got our little kinks.
I truly do not give a damn,
What other twisted people think.
And as for romances and redezvous,
You get ’em when you can,
When you’re a lesbian
Trapped inside the body of a man.

repeat chorus


“I Like Gyrls (Who Like Gyrls) appears on Big Strong House and The Medicine Tribute.

© and ℗ 1992, 2012 Marques Bovre