Help Me See

“This next song ‘Help Me See’ is a song I wrote early in the ministry, right after 9/11. Ultimately it is my prayer that I might be reminded of God’s presence, of Christ’s presence right here next to me in the midst of sadness and madness and badness. Fear not.”

– From a handwritten note, date unknown

Well we live in an age,
Where a blind angry rage,
Has been trading eyes for eyes
Year after year.
Seems there’s always more rope
Than there ever is hope,
So our faith must be stronger
Than our fear.

Help me see,
I’ve been living in the darkness.
Help me see,
That your standing next to me, next to me.
Help me see in my mind
And my heart and my soul,
Your gentle face for all eternity.

On the road to his death,
Jesus Christ shared his breath,
With a blind beggar down in Jericho.
“My father’s glory is revealed,
Bartimeus you are healed,
And your faith has made the miracle to grow.”

repeat chorus

Well I live in the world,
And I’ll die in the world,
And my eyes are open to it every day.
So when things that I see,
Start to eat away at me,
I just close my eyes and
Bow my head and pray.

repeat chorus

repeat chorus


“Help Me See” appears on Full frontal confession.

© and ℗ 2003 Marques Bovre