Heaven Halve Me

“This is a song I’d like to dedicate to the great recycler in the sky. I think we’re all gonna be recycled eventually. Mulched at the very least.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 12 Aug 2005

Jimmy went to Heaven,
He didn’t even wait for me to say goodbye.
He just wrapped his Grand Torino ’round a Sycamore
And soon thereafter died.
But I know he went to Heaven,
He loved every living thing beneath the sky,
He was a Helluva guy.
So God reached down into Jimmy
And pulled out all the goodness there inside.

Everybody gets to Heaven,
As a fraction or a portion,
God will see
All the beauty in the best of us,
And cast aside our sad depravity.
For all eternity.
So I try to feed what is good in me in the hopes
That someday Heaven just might halve me.
Or quarter me.
Or tithe me.

Just imagine there’s a Heaven
And John Lennon’s up there singing angel songs.
Imagine Yoko will be there one day,
But in Heaven, Yoko will not sing along.
No, she’ll just dance with Mr. Chapman,
Or the part of him that used to mow the lawn,
(it was his Grandma’s lawn).
‘Cause up in Heaven we’ll dance hand in hand,
With every man who’s ever done us wrong.

repeat chorus

Yeah, everybody gets to Heaven,
Every baby, every politician too.
There’ll be doctors, there’ll be lawyers,
There might even be some guys from Motley Crue.
‘Cause my mother always told me,
“There’s some good in every person,”
And it’s true. I believe it’s true.
So here’s hoping you’ll be full of it
On the day God pulls the goodness out of you.

repeat chorus


“Heaven Halve Me” appears on Full Frontal Confession and New Guitar.

© & ℗ 2003, 2006 by Marques Bovre