Ground That I Own

“It’s kinda about home ownership. It’s called Ground That I Own. I bought a house a couple of years ago: a hundred year old house that was built before they had levels and squares and things like that.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 6 Mar 1998

In Russia and New York (the city) I hear,
They all live in apartments and squalor and fear.
And the walls are so thin that your neighbors
Begin to know just what you’re thinking,
And just where you’ve been.

So look away, hey, hey, hey.
I got a home of my own,
And it’s here that I’ll stay
Until the day they lay me down
In some ground that I own.
In my very own ground.

I got a grandfather clock and it quarters the hours
That I spend with the knickknacks and wallpaper flowers,
While my man mows the lawn and my
Soap opera’s on.
So I always know just where the minutes have gone.

repeat chorus

Well we bought it and we built it back in ’53,
Bill was back from Korea and he’d just married me.
With a GI Bill loan and me seven months showin’,
Well we worked ourselves damn nearly
Down to the bone.

repeat chorus

Well we raised Billy here and we raised him up right,
So we never thought twice when the call came to fight.
And he died far away and it’s there his bones lay.
And it’s far, far away that his remains
Will stay.

repeat chorus


“Ground That I Own” appears on Faith is a Muscle and Live at the Pres House.

© and ℗ 1998, 2001 Marques Bovre