Green Green Home

“What is it with me and tornadoes? I just feel more alive with lightning and other appendages of God afoot.”

-From the liner notes of Flyover Land

Twister was ridin’ like a rope on the highway.
Kickin’ up dust before the pourin’ rain,
I let it pass me, then I chased it to the freeway.
It skipped away when it hit the old four lane.

Don’t you worry about these things I’m chasin’ after.
It don’t matter if I ever get there.
The sun is shining on the reason for my laughter.
What I’m after now is growing wild everywhere.

It’s my green, green home in the summertime.
My green, green home
My green, green home with the rhythm and the rhyme.
My green, green home.

It helps me dream when I’m in the outhouse.
It helps me dream my dream.
My green, green home.

I wanna be there when the hot air gets heavy.
Next to your skin when the night comes rollin’ down.
When the river rumbles and just teases the levee,
Sayin’, “I’m gonna rise — gonna wash away this town.”

That dam gonna bust right in the middle of midnight,
With you and me just gettin’ carried away.
Keep our heads up ‘til the earliest daylight,
And greet them sparrows, just to hear what they say.

repeat chorus

Don’t you know the sky is falling?
Spring’s been sprung on this mortal coil.
You can worship in fear and anger,
Or you can laugh at the nearness of the soil.

repeat chorus


“Green Green Home” appears on Perfect Nude and Flyover Land.

© and ℗ 1994, 1995 Marques Bovre