Goin’ to California

Hey happiness ain’t everything,
It’s the only thing,
The only game in town.
And autumn isn’t ending things,
It’s just choking spring and summer
Into brown.

But out in California,
They got happy growin’
Right out on the trees.
There’s life in California,
Sea of green
And smell of orange in the breeze.
I’m goin’ to California,
With a bandage on my knees.

The Midwest is where I belong,
Yet still I long but to be gone,
Just to be gone.
My heart is weak, my head is strong,
My shadow’s long and feeling
Winter put upon.

But out in California,
The shadows come at 5:00
And disappear.
You’re lost in California,
Until you find that you got nothin’
Left to fear.
I’m goin’ to California,
With these voices in my ear.

Now if I was a fatalist,
I would make a list
Of things I’ll never do.
And if I was an angry fist,
I would cut the mist
And raise me to the blue.

I’m goin’ to California,
I will be sunny-kissed
And ocean-misted too.
I’m goin’ to California,
Just to be the biggest tree
That ever grew.
I’m goin’ to California,
Just to make it all come true.


“Goin’ to California” appears on Big Strong House.

© and ℗ 1992 Marques Bovre