God Knows

Well I been a bloody fool,
And I been the angels’ pet.
So I come to you with this point of view:
God knows.
You were born a shining jewel,
In a perfect pirouette.
Then men doubted you,
Come to undo you,
God knows.

And God knows you’ve been feeling
Angry, empty and unkind.
But God knows that you aint
The only soul that’s yet to find,
Peace of mind.

And when they handed you your life,
There was just no way to know.
But today is here, come be of good cheer,
God knows.
That it’s which side of the knife
And it’s win or place or show.
And the smell of fear fills the atmosphere.
God knows.

And God knows you’ve been feeling
Lonely living in a bind.
And God knows you’ve been feeling
Frightened falling to the grind.
An empty rind.

And if you feel the need to move
To some other piece of ground;
If your wheel and plough are all haunted now,
God knows.
That when you feel your love,
And it drives you underground,
You can plant it now.
Come relieve your brow,
God knows.

And God knows you’ve been
Like an island and that’s an awful crime.
But God knows where you live,
Will surely drop on by sometime.
So don’t be blind.


“God Knows” appears on Perfect Nude.

© and ℗ 1994 Marques Bovre