Four Letter Word

“This is a little kind of a love song for anybody who ever had a relationship end with the phrase, ‘Let’s just be friends.'”

-Typical introduction at live gigs

Well I promised myself I would never believe
What I heard, that I wanted to hear.
Yes, I vowed I would never again,
Fall where I had fallen.
But then you came along,
And you whispered the sweetest of something in my sorry ear.
And I heard the bells ring.
And I felt my sweet destiny callin’.

And your kisses were sweeter than alcohol,
Sweeter than arsenic’s lily lace curtain call.
Still I fought the good fight,
‘Til you told me that four letter word.

Well I read the newspapers ’bout twice a day,
Nothin’ that they say can serve to surprise me –
I got death and destruction,
For breakfast and dinner each day.
But you strut down the street,
And with one word you just paralyze me.
Words are dangerous weapons.
Remember – we are what we say.

And you said this and that and the other thing,
And we talked on and on in an endless ring.
And you were my best friend,
‘Til you told me that four letter word.

It was love,
It was love and I can count
The ways here on my fingers.
Well there’s one for each symbol,
In that nasty four letter word.
There’s one for the buzz and the honey,
And two for the stinger.
And since three is a crowd,
Then my fourth finger flips you the bird.
It just flips you the bird, babe.

So I hope you are happy,
Wherever you’ve managed to struggle with sleeping tonight.
And I hope you are laying with someone,
Who speaks in his slumber.
And perhaps in the course of your pillow talk,
Words will be said that will turn on your attic light.
And you’ll see your heart break,
At the hands of your own nasty number.

And you’ll hear all those words that you wanna hear,
But he’ll speak them in vain to your bended ear.
And you’ll know how I feel,
When he tells you that four letter word.


“Four Letter Word” appears on Don’t Be Afraid.

© and ℗ 1989 Marques Bovre