For the Love of Lorretta

She lived on relief,
On the outside of town,
Where the cops never tread,
And the bullshit went down.
Where the natives danced naked,
In a gritty ballet.
And they did all the things,
That good people can’t say.

Her name was Lorretta,
Tho’ she’s been called much worse.
Her ma took in laundry,
And her dad drove a hearse.
Her wit cut you sideways,
But you laughed when you bled.
‘Cause she kissed where it hurt,
Then she took you to bed.

Oh a young man’s fancy.
It bobs and it weaves,
Change quickly it’s colors,
As the mid-autumn leaves.
And although he forsakes,
He just never forgets.
No he drowns sad and slow,
In a sea of regrets.

I courted her then,
On the south side of youth,
When my head was still soft,
And my heart yearned for truth.
Well her smile was outrageous,
But I loved it no less.
‘Cause it shone brave and bright,
I was blinded I guess.

Well her lace and her laughter,
Lay so soft on my mind,
And they travel so light,
I can’t leave them behind.
And tho time wears me down,
And I’m sure she’s the same,
Those dreams are untarnished,
Run swift when I’m lame.

repeat chorus

Yes he drowns deep and low,
In a sea of regrets.


“For the Love of Lorretta” appears on Big Strong House.

© and ℗ 1992 Marques Bovre