When I was just a child
My daddy’d go out and get the old cane pole
And we’d go fishin’.
Sit all day in the sun,
Gonna have us some fun.
We’re gone fishin’.

You take them fishes home
And you eat ’em all up
And you take what’s left
And you bury it out in the garden.
The fish heads you’re discardin’.
Helps the plants grow tall and strong
And on and on,
When you go fishin’.

It takes 6 billion dollars
Just to build yourself a nuclear reactor.
And that’s fission –
Nuclear fission.
That’s where you split the people
From their money,
And that’s fishin’.

But when it’s all said and done
And the power comes out
You can’t take what’s left,
You can’t bury it out in the garden.
Them aint fish heads you’re discardin’.
No one wants that glow-in-the-dark junk
Buried out in their back yard.
No they don’t.

I said no more I don’t wanna glow.
Just take me on down to the fishin’ hole.
We gone fishin’, fishin’,
Gone fishin’.
I’ll be fine when the power goes out.
You know,
I’ll be gone fishin’.


“Fishin'” appeared on  the Felonious Monk demo, 1984.

© and ℗ 1984 Terry Ward/Marques Bovre