Feelin’ Dead

“I guess Jerry Garcia died last year. So I wrote this little song about him called Feelin’ Dead.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 10 Aug 1996

“I was thinking to myself, at that point when I heard that Jerry had died, I wonder if anybody told him? Does he know? And so I took that a little bit further, thinking of Jerry in this great big airport of heaven, looking for his soul luggage.”

-From an interview, circa late 1996

Woke up the other day,
My brain was on – it was “a” okay.
But something turned up missing from my picture frame.
You know what they say,
“We all gotta go someday”.
Then it’s ashes on the ashes and a dirty shame.

But I’ve been naked and dead before.
But I just don’t know what the white light’s for.

I’m feelin’ dead and I just don’t know.
I been runnin’ ’round this town,
Like a man who lost his soul.
I’m feelin’ dead, locked in my brain.
And I search the halls of heaven,
For my soul in vain.

No pain and that’s no lie,
You give it all away on the day you die.
You just sit and watch your buddies climb the Hurry tree.
Don’t get me wrong – I like it fine,
But my body was a friend of mine.
And I still ain’t seen my soul and it just worries me.

When my body, my brain and my soul were one.
We laughed and we danced and we sang,
To every kinda earthly fun.

repeat chorus

Well I’m sitting in God’s waiting room,
Just drinking in the sweet perfume.
I’m gonna pull myself together, if it’s in the plan.
But that carousel just goes ’round and ’round
And my missing soul has not been found.
I don’t mean to seem like some ungrateful former man.

But I’ve been naked and dead before.
But I just can’t float forevermore.

repeat chorus

“Feelin’ Dead” appears on C’est a Vie.

© 1997 Marques Bovre/Brian Bauhs