Easter Song

Hey you Bible thumpin’ white trash
Come and listen to my story.
I say Jesus had some color in his skin.
He was an educated Jew
Who told the rich to feed the poor.
You won’t like him
If he come to preach again.
And he loves you and he loves me
Like we were his closest kin.

Well I never heard sweet Jesus
Damn the heathen homosexual.
His preference was none of the above.
But he loved sweet Mary Magdalene
Like she was still a virgin
And he came to her
When push had come to shove.
And the love of all people
Is the only perfect love, love, love.

Jesus was a Rabbi’s Rabbi.
Jesus is a franchise sunrise.
But he still opens my eyes,
When I can’t believe in anything.
Jesus sees the sins we’re sinning,
The race we run, the wheel we’re spinning.
Jesus is just grinning
And it turns our winter to spring.

Well there’s a million names for God
And there’s a million eyes for a million eyes.
How’s a child to see?
If you want a revolution,
And one that leads to victory,
Love your enemy.
‘Cause it crazy and it’s twisted
And it comes from Calvary.

When the lamb lay with the lion
And the legion comes to call,
We’ll embrace our bitter enemies and say,
Let us wait among the gore
Until we come to mercy’s shore.
Let us sit a while together, let us pray.
And the great sense of humor
Will carry us all away, away.

repeat chorus


“Easter Song” appears on Perfect Nude.

© and ℗ 1994 Marques Bovre