Drunk and Disgusting

“It’s a song I wrote about the town bar down there – you know the place. It’s the kind of place where tearin’ the label off a bottle of Budweiser is some kind of religious experience. No one knows why they do it – it’s so mysterious, that’s what makes it religious – but they do it.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 25 Jun 1987

“I wrote this on my 21st birthday in Paoli in a bar. It’s called Drunk and Disgusting. I always wanted a song where you could have a chorus that you could sing along, like pirate songs. So if there’s any pirates out there you can sing along with this.”

-Introduction from a live performance in 1995


“Alright, well let’s have fun with the flip side of chemical abuse. It’s not all bad.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 6 Mar 1998

His name is Bob and he works in the bar,
In the town where he was born and bred.
He’s the one that the folks said could never go far,
Quick to smile, but he’s slow in the head.

It’s twelve hours a day in the smoke and the swear words
His mother’s not sure of the place.
But he’s at home with a brew and his big with the barmaids,
Just look at that smile on his face.

And it’s pour, Bobby pour,
Give Amigo one more,
Stop the bus, let the circus begin.
Sift the men from the boys,
It’s a duty, a joy, to be drunk and disgusting again.

Bob plugs the jukebox and turns to the laughter
Belonging to his girl Lucille.
He never can quite figure out who she’s after
She’s got what they call crowd appeal.

Yeah, Lucille and her makeup are Laurel and Hardy,
And that slapstick can make a man howl.
He’s the salt of the Earth, she’s the life of the party,
‘Til bar time she’s out on the prowl.

repeat chorus

Well, Jerry’s a trucker and he’s out of commission,
But his workman’s comp keeps him in beer.
And unless there’s a rainstorm he spends his days fishin’
And without fail he spends his nights here.

Jerry’s wife is at home whith their three little children,
Deciding that her mother was right.
Last week Jer came home drunk and she goddamn near killed him,
So he’s takin’ it easy tonight.

repeat chorus

Well tonight was my birthday, and the drinks have been free,
And real drunk’s about all I can feel.
Yeah sometimes this old dive feels like heaven to me
Oh my God, I’m in love with Lucille.

repeat chorus


“Drunk and Disgusting” appears on Ghost Stories from Lonesome County and The Medicine Tribute.

© and ℗ 1994, 2012 Marques Bovre