Dream Song

I had a dream ’bout a funny scene
In my hometown.
Just walked into this big parade.
My mom and dad and all my friends there
From the old days,
With all the old folks in the shade.

Then I spied my best friend Don
And I said, “Hey man, what’s goin’ on?”
He looked right through me.
He didn’t hear me
When I said, “Hey, remember me?”

The marching band didn’t miss a beat
As they murdered Sousa.
The elephants were as big as life.
Every girl that ever broke my heart
Was throwin’ candy.
Showed ’em all my army knife.

Yes I showed them my ugly side
But they bore no horror, broke no stride.
They just walked right through me.
They didn’t fear me.
They deepened my mystery.

Chubby kids was eatin’ pie
All with their faces.
My mother’s chili won a prize.
And all my grandpas were alive
And playin’ cribbage,
With grandma visions in their eyes.

And I said, “Hey, it’s time to eat.”
I said, “I’ll wash my hands and I’ll wipe my feet.”
But they did not reward me.
They just ignored me
And I went to bed so hungry.

I heard my name, my claim to fame
Come through the speakers.
A teacher, a preacher spoke a while
‘Bout a native son who made a mark
And made an exit,
That they all knew from a little child.

Then I began to fade away.
As the preacher had his final say, I’d woke.
Don’t recreate me
Or celebrate me.
Just try to remember me.

“Dream Song” appeared on a 1994 demo tape.

© and ℗ 1994 Marques Bovre