Well I tried to be normal, I mowed my lawn,
‘Til considering the dandelion.
How it pushed right on from dusk to dawn.
How it paid my plans no mind.
How the dandelion paid no mind,
To the poison Green Machine.
It couldn’t be confined inside my lines,
Painting yellow on my green.

Dandelion, dandelion, color of the sunshine.
Any friend of dandelionís is a friend of mine.
Dandelion, dandelion, makes a mighty fine wine.
And you do to me and mine, what you do to dandelion.

Sometimes my soul gets stuck in the middle,
When my head and my heart are at war.
My soul gets torn up and more than a little.
But that’s just what souls are for.
‘Cause when your soul feels it just canít take any more,
That’s when you finally meet your Self.
Better fighting that fight all through the night,
Than leave your soul on a dusty shelf.

repeat chorus

The first miracle from Jesus
Was turning water into wine.
And when we meet him that day at the wedding feast,
We’ll drink wine from the dandelion.
Dandelion wine at the wedding feast,
And from many fleshes, one.
Eat, dance and drink and I gotta think,
There will be room for everyone.

repeat chorus

I said you do to me and mine, what you do to dandelion.


“Dandelion” appears on Nashville Dandelion.

© and ℗ 2012 Marques Bovre