Cooler Than You Are

I got a plywood six string
When I was seven years old.
I didn’t play it for a decade,
I just wanted something beautiful to hold.
I learned my first three chords
From a beauty named Suzy Yee.
But what would Suzy Yee think of me,
Still playing them at 43?

You always look a little cooler than you are
When you’re playing your guitar.
Street corners or in neighborhood bars,
Always playing your guitar.
Feel like everybody’s favorite star,
When you’re playing your guitar.

Henry bought a Hamer,
Was a musical, electrical delight.
It was his first infatuation,
They made noisy love all hours of the night.
And all the townies followed him,
But he hadn’t any love to give.
Now he plays in cover bands,
Lives alone and works the second shift.

repeat chorus

Well this guitar’s a lot like Elvis,
You can play it for a sad cliché.
And you’re never gonna get it,
Unless you caught it in the early days.
I’m just living for the playing
As a simple way to thank the Lord,
For every fraction of Eternity
Still singing in a ringing chord.

repeat chorus 2 times

“Cooler Than You Are” appears on New Guitar.

© & ℗ 2006 by Marques Bovre