Conversations With God

Well I once sung your hymns,
‘Neath your sheltering steeple.
I would open your hands up
And then out come the people.
Then we saw some hard times
And I spoke some hard words.
But now everything’s different
And I hope that you heard.

As I pray to you God,
As the father of mercy.
As I hold in my hands
This sweet, innocent baby.
May she grow to be faithful,
May she learn to be happy
And worthy of your love.

There was a terrible storm
In the center of town.
It drove a straw through a Sycamore.
Put some friends in the ground.
And I couldn’t do nothin’,
I just stood there and stared.
I watched life flyin’ by.
And you were there everywhere.

repeat chorus

I heard that when you were young,
With your thunder and blood,
You saw the angels and the monkeys
Makin’ love in the mud.
And it made you so mad
And it made you so mean,
That you made us so dirty,
That we never come clean.

repeat chorus

I got a good education
At a big university.
All the knowledge of humankind,
Still there’s fear here inside of me.
There’s a seven pound universe
Full of all possibilities.
She’s all hunger and beauty now.
Just as pure as she’ll ever be.

repeat chorus

“Conversations With God” appears on Faith is a Muscle.

© and ℗ 1998 Marques Bovre