The Contraband Contras

“This next song is mine. It’s a cocaine song. Yeah, it’s the cocaine chain of command. It’s called The Contraband Contras. I used to get invited to a lot of parties before I started singin’ this song.”

– Introduction from the live performance on 25 Jun 1987

Jesus’ mother,
No more than a child,
Got caught with the coca.
No jury, no trial.
For that five dollar deed
She died fifteen years later
In prison.

Jesus he ran
With the mountainside men.
Boiling leaves into paste,
Into powder and then
He got shot in the back
As he ran from the raid.
These things happen.

Adolfo sails smooth
Through the Miami night.
Fifty Florida ki’s
On his mind out of sight.
Now his oozie companion
Is sniffing for Coast Guard

Adolfo is hard,
Diamond eyes, pearly smile.
For his crystal he’ll kill
Executioner style.
His best friends are in graves.
His best years have been clearly
Flash frozen.

From Columbia
To the Promised Land
Come the contraband contras.
We only supply the demand.

Bob turns to Alice
And offers a blade
And now she bows to the table,
Her evening’s been made.
So they turn on the tube,
MTV, singing We Are the Children.

Bobby hacks in his home,
Fifty cool ones a year.
Alice deals real estate.
It all goes to the mirror.
And all reflections are gauche,
So they hope what they don’t know
Won’t kill them.

In a billionaire’s pinch,
John tried selling what sold.
An impetuous man,
He got caught being bold.
But his justice was served,
Silver platter brought in
By some peasants.

Yes, DeLorean sits
On the outskirts of truth,
In the suburbs of justice
With nary a tooth.
With a life to live out
In Miss Luxury’s lap
As his penance.

From Columbia
To the Promised Land
Come the contraband contras.
We only supply the demand.


“The Contraband Contras” appeared on a solo performance at the Memorial Union Terrace, UW Madison on 25 Jun 1987.

© and ℗ 1987 Marques Bovre