This is a story ’bout a diesel truck drivin’ man.
With the lovers and the mothers of children all over this land.
PA to CA, St. Paul to Rockport,
And he never paid a penny of any kind of child support.

Eighteen wheels, sixteen gears.
He’s been jamming those gears for 34 years.
Chucktruck, Chucktruck, Chucktruck
Chucktruck, Chucktruck, Chucktruck

He was born in Minnesota but there’s Dixie up there on the grill.
If there’s any kinda way to offend you, you know that he will.
He’s got sideburns hanging on down to his double chinny chin.
He’s got parking lot lizards saying “let me on in honey…”

repeat chorus

He’s got the Christmas, head, fog, brake lights on.
It took him twenty-four horses just to mow the damn lawn.
Mud flap Venus silhouette just a hugging the curves.
Chewing chewing tobacco just to settle his nerves.

repeat chorus

Well his daddy left him land back in 1971.
He’s got his own back hoe – a lot of digging’s been done.
The list of charges is long and grim,
But the local authorities never have convicted him.

repeat chorus

“Chucktruck” appears on Yarn, The Great Unravelling .

© and ℗ 2003 Marques Bovre