Broken Hearted Mind

“But you know, life isn’t all third world tragedy. There’s stuff like love. For me, love is sorta like a fifth dimension tragedy. Just all kinds of weirdness.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 25 Jun 1987

“This is a little Hank Williams song on peyote that I wrote.”

-Introduction from a live performance on 23 June 1988

The Doctor said, “Just sit down son,
The tests all say your heart is broken.
It’ll keep you out the service,
And we’ll get you special license plates.
Just take a few of these — a pint of this,
Remember, please refrain from smokin’.
And here’s a card that’s sure to get you,
All the broken hearted hotel rates.”

At the intersect of Down and Out,
The street lamps hum a lullaby for losers.
Gently rockin’ to the rhythm of the rustlin’
Of brown paper wine.
I tried to look ’em in the eyes,
But it seemed like meetin’ my accusers.
So I just shuffled off into the night,
And lost my broken-hearted mind.

If I could just erase the tapes,
That play your voice whisperin’ my name sweetly.
Then I could listen to the thousand times,
You sweetly filled my ears with lies.
I’d like to sing a little eulogy,
And let the whole thing die discretely.
But I keep playin’ back the same old scene,
The night I saw my children in your eyes.

Repeat chorus

Well they brought me to the hospital,
But nothing could be done to save me.
So I just passed away into the night,
In my suit of transparency.
Well I partly wanna haunt you,
For this lousy broken heart you gave me.
But I’d only be ignored–
You always could see through the saint in me.

Repeat chorus


“Broken Hearted Mind” appears on Living and Dying in the Coffee Generation, The Medicine Tribute and The Soul You Save.

© and ℗ 1988, 2011, 2012 Marques Bovre