Beggar at God’s Gate

Pride has taken everything I know.
It’s killing me but I just can’t let it go.
I tried controlling things controlling me
But pride’s a drug and I just can’t let it be.

Mercy comes to me.
Mercy sets me free.
Mercy takes my darkest night
And fills it with the burning light.
Mercy’s just God’s way of loving me.

Jesus said, “Learn from the Pharisee.”
That the letter of the law can’t set you free.
The tax collector knew his wretched state.
Humility can never come too late.

repeat chorus

I’m living in a free, forgiven state.
I sometimes believe I’m master of my fate.
But when it comes to filling up my plate,
Well I’m nothing but a beggar at God’s gate.

repeat chorus

repeat chorus


“Beggar at God’s Gate” appears on Full Frontal Confession.

© and ℗ 2003 Marques Bovre