Beautiful Smile

Faith is a Muscle

You’ve got a beautiful smile,
I pray it always stays with you.
‘Cause it gets slippery after awhile,
When you live in this place.

It’s such a simple thing.
It’s such a perfect thing,
It makes the angels sing out
“Gods Amazing Grace!”
It’s such a little thing,
But I would do anything
For the smile on your face.

Well I lost my own smile for awhile,
From age eleven to thirty.
My heart in prison and my head was on trial,
Yes I was one sorry case.

repeat chorus

I see the love I made with your mother.
I see hearts you will beguile.
I see friendly ghosts
In the corners of your smile.

For just as long as I walk on this earth,
I’m gonna watch and protect you.
I’m gonna love you for all that I’m worth,
Until the end of my race.

repeat chorus


“Beautiful Smile” appears on Faith is a Muscle.

© and ℗ 1998 Marques Bovre