Baseball Anymore

I could have written three pages on how Roberto Clemente affected my world view, but that would be a PBS song. I limited myself to three verses and a stadium chorus. Business is business.”

-From the liner notes of Flyover Land

The first time that the polished wood,
Hit the smokin’ heat.
A former forty mile an hour
Fastball hit the street.
When that puppy hit its stratospheric peak,
I touched ‘em all,
The circuit was complete.

But they don’t play baseball anymore.
That season’s gone and we all know the score.
They don’t play baseball anymore.
Someone’s throwin’ a beautiful game.
Somebody’s stealin’ home.

As heroes go, this game gave me a few:
Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron
And old Harmon Killebrew.
And it taught me how to curse
And how to chew.
And all the other things a twelve year old
Must do.

repeat chorus

I work this dead end job just to make a buck.
And I’d chuck it all just to go
Play catch with Buck Martinez.
So you millionaires and you billionaires
Have struck.
When the deal is done will we give a collective … Playball!

repeat chorus


“Baseball Anymore” appears on Flyover Land.

© and ℗ 1995 Marques Bovre